Essential hints to be aware of the difference between fashion and style

Have you ever mistaken fashion for style? This association is not impossible to happen, but these two words have particularities and have their own meanings. Whereas the word “fashion”, in the Latin “modus”, which means manner / behavior, the word “style”, from the Latin “stilu” translates the essence of a person, his personality.


Therefore, fashion would be represented as something ephemeral and that has constant changes, showing itself in the market of supply and demand, generating the desire for the wanted product and concerned with consumption. However, it distinguishes a generation and society from others, for expressing the way people live. You should remember this expression: "The fashion of the 70s (80s, 90s ...) is my favorite", right?


So, the fashion language of that time was represented by features that were remarkable in the imagination and history of this period, so much so that it reflects upon society.

Image of the look from the 70s,80s and 90s: Pinterest

Meanwhile, style is directly related to the individual's personality and each one has their own form of expression. It is not feasible and cannot be purchased, actually, it would be something built through self-knowledge. The style represents your image, how you present yourself to society and how society identifies you.


I will exemplify with flared shorts, it may be trendy and be a very wanted item, but I would not wear it! I do not identify myself with it and it is not my style, however it may be someone else's style. After all, we are unique and indivisible beings, each one with a particular way of being.

Image: Pinterest

Those who have their own style will not follow the mass behavior of products that are trendy, but they will be faithful to their essence and will use the articles according to their personality, no matter whether they are trendy or not.

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