My name is Analice

I live in Rio de Janeiro I’m a speech therapist. I’ve already had a moment in my life when I took several exams to become a civil servant, until I became one and settled down. Studying has always been part of my life and my parents have always encouraged me. 

Since I was a little child I’ve been into fashion and the ways of communication that it provides us. Getting to know more about this universe is my goal and that’s why I decided to create my own website/blog. There you’ll find plenty of hints, curiosity and trends, always through a lot of research and valuable knowledge. In addition to the main topic which is fashion, every once in a while I will share with you my trips, along with a lot of hints and travel plans. After all, that’s my second passion, travelling.


In case you want to improve your life quality and self-esteem through fashion and its redefinitions, my blog Analice Tozetti is a great option. I hope to inspire you and I want my readers to grow in knowledge. You can also find me on Instagram @analicetozetti.